25th ETSF Workshop on Electronic Excitations

Leuven (Belgium)

13 - 17 June 2022

The ETSF workshop series provides a forum for excited states and spectroscopy in condensed-matter physics, chemistry, nanoscience, materials science, and molecular physics attracting theoreticians, code developers, and experimentalists alike. The 2022 edition of the workshop will focus on fundamental challenges for theoretical spectroscopy posed by cutting-edge present and future technologies, thereby promoting a fruitful exchange between academia and industry. The venue imec, an R&D hub for nano- and digital technologies, will serve as gateway between industry and the academic world.

The development of novel nano- and quantum technologies demands a profound understanding of the physics and chemistry in quantum many-body systems, as shorter and shorter length and time scales become technologically relevant. Photolithography, the fabrication method for electronic devices, now operates in the extreme UV at wavelengths of 13 nm, at the same energies as deep-valence and upper core excitations. Photoresist chemistry in this regime is complex and not well understood requiring accurate core-level electronic structure methods. In the present and next generation of electronic devices, we will witness the emergence of true nanoscale physics and phenomena. Multiscale, embedding, and machine learning methods will be of utmost importance to provide the answers to the many open questions and missing understanding of nanostructured systems at dimensions where no part behaves like bulk anymore and interfaces dominate. Time-resolved spectroscopies, probing nuclear motion, electronic and optical excitations at time scales down to the attosecond regime, are a field under continuous development, and yet start at the same time to be used on a routine base to probe the fate of excitations in real materials, e.g. in the context of energy harvesting. The out-of-equilibrium dynamics of vibrational, electronic, or spin excitations has the potential to enable a vast variety of tunable and exotic functionalities that may be the dictionary with which to write the next revolution of quantum information technologies.

Topics covered by the workshop include:
  • Deep valence and upper core spectroscopy
  • Time-resolved vibrational and electronic spectroscopy
  • Dissipative quantum dynamics
  • Photoresist radiation chemistry
  • Multiscale and embedding methods
  • Machine learning in theoretical spectroscopy

This edition will be organized in collaboration with imec Leuven. As soon as more details become available, they will be provided here.

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